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How do I Track my own Gas and Electric cost and usage
I would suggest you print this out before you start
This program will help you to check your gas and electric bill, and also work out Kilowatts, units and rates automatically so that you can see your costs each month. Just click on the free download spreadsheet program to start your gas and electric account at. www.energybillcalculator.co.uk

This is a Excel spreadsheet program and can be down loaded in  a

free office program. www.libreoffice.org/download or www.openoffice.org

    If you have your Gas and Electric bill you should be able to copy the details
   so click on Download Now and follow the instructions their.

Supporting Documents

There are two programs available to you



also two schemes (standard charge single tariff),

and (first kwh used 2 tariffs) due to be phased out.

Before you start do you know what your tariff rates are then read the article.  Things you need to know

I would suggest you start with (CHECK AND COMPARE YOUR GAS AND ELECTRIC BILL) this (is a small cut down of the control & record program) will not only let you see if your bill is correct but you will be able to check how much it is costing you over any period of time also you can use it to compare other suppliers prices.

The control your own gas and electric program uses the same information but gives you the means of recording all your monthly readings,

When you download a program then do a (Save as) to your documents and give it a name that you will remember, Also I would suggest that if you right click on the progam file this will give you the option to create a short cut to your desktop for easy access.

Now start by entering the rates accordingly in the boxes that apply.

You will see that the program asks for rates less VAT, most suppliers have taken it on to only show prices including VAT which is incorrect if you have discounts to take off so, if you have discounts deduct 4.719% from there prices, if you have no discounts then you can enter the inclusive prices but change the 5% to 0 in the VAT box.

Where you are asked for calorific value if you cannot find this on your bill then just enter 40 for now, you can ammend this later, it will only make a slight difference to your final costs and it can vary over the year but make sure you enter in the right box according to your gas meter Metric or Cubic Feet

Now that you have your prices entered take your first meter reading and enter then your last meter reading and enter below it,

Add all the days for the period of your bill and enter in the days box.( this only applies to the compare program).

You should now be able to see the total kilowatts used and the cost of gas and electric also in the blue section the cost per kilowatt and cost per unit of gas.

Make sure to save your program.

Now if you wish to check other suppliers rates against yours then go to a comparison site note the rates quoted - (click on the section that gives extra information to find this) on the comparision site and change the entries in your program and write down the total costs then close your program without saving so that it restores you previous entries, you will now be able to see the difference between both suppliers

Now if you wish to keep monthy records you can download the following program


This program will help you to check your gas and electric bill, and also work out Kilowatts, units and rates automatically so that you can see your costs each month.

You are now going to make a Gas and Electric account, but you will have the control, you will see the amount of Kilowatts you use per month for each month of the year, also a running total of kilowatts for the year, what it is costing per month for each
month, the balance of your account at the end of each month. according to your payments.
Follow the instructions against each item on the program.
A number of alternate rates and discounts offered by suppliers are shown so that you can enter those that apply to you, if you have any other deduction not shown just add them on to those already listed. Once you have done this you will only have to
enter meter reading once a month from there on.

Stage one:
Follow  the instructions shown against each entry.

For the benefit of those that are not sure how to enter amount on a spreadsheet just left click on
the cell you want to enter, which are all in the green sections, type in the amount and press the enter key.

Stage 2:
Follow the instructions shown

Stage 3:  
Your payments section:
Follow the instructions shown

Stage 4:
Balance adjustments:
The next section shows your balance (state of your account), you will have to adjust this to suit your bill, so make the balance adjustments in the boxes at the top of the sheet, till your balance figure reads the same as your bill.

The Blue section:
You will see your cost of a Kilowatt and a unit of gas or electric.

You are now complete, just enter readings monthly and if possible on the last day of each month, unless you know a date your supplier uses then you could change the days section to suit so that your future bills will match.

Give meter readings to your gas and electric suppliers at the same time even though they will not ask for them, this way they will match yours.

A few further tips once you are up and running.
If your prices or suppliers change, you will need to start a new program that is, if you want to keep your previous records intact. 
To start a new program
 Do a save as in a new name, take note of your account balances then enter your new rates and go to your adjustments to renew your balances, the amount you are changing them by is the increase you can expect for a similar period.

If your not interested in your old rates then bear in mind it will update all your previous prices to your new rates so, before changing your rates take a note of your outstanding cash balances because, you will need to alter your balance adjustment figures to match what they were before you updated.
My bill is not quite the same as my supplier:
There may be some slight difference in matching your supplier’s bill to your records due to rounding off decimal places and in the case of gas your supplier may change
slightly  the Calorific value during the year or the bill dates are different to yours. Or of course they could have got your bill wrong.

Can I check how much it is costing me say for a week:
If you want to check the amount of Kwhs or the cost for say 1day then in the current month make sure you have a meter reading in for the month then note the kwhs used
and the cost for the month then next day at the same time enter your new reading this will give you the difference in cost and kwhs for the day, or hour or week as you

Can I check if I can get a better price from another supplier:
If you want to check another supplier’s rates against yours, make sure you have saved your program first then change the your entries to match the other supplier, write
down their monthly costs, and note the balances close your program without saving it, this will restore your original settings.

Then open your program again and check the prices against yours, and, also note if
your balance shows a saving.
Hope you find this useful and that it gives you peace of mind.
If you require further help you can contact me at  ww.6308@gmail.com  I would like to hear if it works for you.
Bill Wright